The "hurdle" Engineering Mechanics

First of all, Engineering Mechanics in engineering studies gives a connection between mathematics and physics to describe technical processes. We as engineers model the reality by means of equations, so that, for example the mechanical component behavior can be predicted. This link leads to difficulties for some students since both a lack of the basic knowledge of school mathematics (in this preliminary courses some basiscs are offered as well) as well as the interpretation of the derived equations is required, implying the ability for abstraction. Although it is school mathematics beyond the theory such as vector algebra, derivation and solution of ordinary differential equations, or matrix calculus), we provided most of background of applied mathematics.

Mechanics is constructed axiomatically, i.e. only very few basic equations are required, and all further results can be derived. In this sense, the courses are clearly structured and the relationships do not fall from the sky. This is different from experience-based lectures, which are more about the acquisition of experience and their application in daily practice.

The work setting determines whether Engineering Mechanics represents a hurdle for you. We expect you to deal with the topic, i.e. that you deal with the derivation and handling of equations that are necessary for basic understanding. Unfortunately, it turns out that it is more likely to learn to memorize equations. Mere memorization of equations is not helpful, because an engineer is always touched with new problems, which he has to solve in his daily working life. Thus, an understanding of the equations needed.

And here we come to the real problem. You are now studying. Study means: "The scientific learning and research at universities" (Latin: studere: "to strive (for something), to make an effort (for something)"). This implies to deal intensively with the subject, to acquire and read literature, to solve tasks, to discuss questions with fellow students or teachers, and to answer them together. And this means, making an effort. It is easier if you motivate each other.

We can help you with this and wish you much success!