Since the 5th December 1985 is the support group for applied mechanics with the aim of young academics in particular by

  • Organisation of training seminars,
  • Experience and contacts with representatives from science, technology and economy,
  • Publication of documents from the relevant teaching and research area

to promote. In this regard, the association also supports competition in the basic courses to enable students to deal with topics in applied mechanics. Furthermore, field trips carried out to maintain contacts with industry. Particularly through the activities of the former good contacts with industry are available. Annual lectures by alumni who work in the industry, give a good insight for people of the university about the many opportunities for engineers.

For a further interest with the financial support we advertise, so the offspring can be actively promoted. Similarly, membership in the association and active participation are possible and welcome. If you have further questions please contact the Institute of Applied Mechanics and Prof. Stefan Hartmann.
Example activities CFAM:

Seminar presentations from industry and academia and excursion activities (here Lachter galleries)