Historical Remarks to GGP


The German-Greek-Polish Symposia are organized regularly every three years in one of the participating countries. These special meetings were initiated by Profs. R. Bogacz, A. Kounadis and O. Mahrenholtz in 1991 and continued after 2000 by Profs J.T. Katsikadelis, R. Kienzler and W. Kurnik. They have a more than 25 years old “history”.

1st, September 1991 in Pułtusk, Poland

2nd, September 1996 in Bad Honnef, Germany

3rd, September 1998 in Xanthi, Greece

4th, September 2001 in Pułtusk, Poland

5th, September 2004 in Bad Honnef, Germany

6th, September 2007 in Alexandroupolis, Greece.

7th, September 2010 in Poznań, Poland

8th, September 2013 in Goslar, Germany

9th, September 2016 in Kolymbari, Chania, Greece

10th, September 2019 in Będlewo, Poland

11th, August 2023 in Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany

The 11th GGP is locally organized by the Division of Solid Mechanics, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Clausthal University of Technology (Germany).

The fundamental purpose of these meetings has been to bring together about 12-15 expert participants from Germany, Greece and Poland each, especially young researchers, and discuss the latest advances in the wide field of Applied Mechanics. Throughout, the presentations attempt to achieve the highest scientific level and the Symposia have been very successful both in terms of advancing scientific progress and furthering friendship and personal interaction among the participants. Distinguished people of mechanics have participated in the Symposia. Most of the presented contributions at the Symposium are published in special issues of the AAM journal after review according to the journal standards.