M. Sc. Hozan Ibrahim


2020 – 2022 Masterstudium Petroleum Engineering an der TU-Clausthal
2017 – 2020 Bachelorstudium Energie und Rohstoffe an der TU-Clausthal

2007 – 2012  


2007 – 2012   Petroleum Engineering an der al-Furat-Universität

2007 Abiturabschluss /Syrien



Bachelorarbeit  Statistcal Study of the Effect of the REV on the Reproducibility of the Numerical

Calculation of the Transport Coefficients


Masterarbeit Tuning of a PID-Controller Based Kick Handling Solution in a Simulated Environment


Job Description:

  • Optimization of CFD calculations with OpenFOAM for GPUs.
  • Optimization of a lattice Boltzmann code for GPUs within the DFG project "Structured soft layers on a vibrating quartz microbalance (QCM)".


Phone: +49 5323 72-2763
Fax: +49 5323 72-2203
E-Mail: hozan.ibrahim.1@tu-clausthal.de