The interaction between research and applications defines the basic motivation of our research activities and forms the foundation of the transfer of technology into practise. This central theme is basis of most of the research topics treated in the Institute, which is funded by the government, industrial partners and funding agencies as the German Research Foundation.

The structure of the Institute of Applied Mechanics is shared into two divisions, namely solid mechanics and fluid dynamics. This constellation offers a natural basis to define interesting research topics where the competence of engineering mechanics of both statics, dynamics and solid mechanics as well as the dynamics of fluids and gases is required. The main topics are related to the consideration of non-linearities, which appear between external agencies and the response of solids and fluids. Numerical simulation tools, both as inhouse codes in the development of new algorithms as well as the application of commerical software, for predicting of such processes require modeling aspects of physical processes, which are based on experimental investigations. Such an example is given, for instance, the motion of a fluid which reacts with the inelastic deformation of a solid.


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