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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hartmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hartmann
Head of the Institute
Professor of Solid Mechanics
Adolph-Roemer-Straße 2A,
Room 131

Phone: (05323) 72-2774
Fax: (05323) 72-2203



8. July 1961born in Kassel
1967 - 1972Elementary School
1972 - 1981 Graduate School
1981 - 1982Military Service
1982 - 1989Studies at the University of Kassel, Department of Civil Engineering
Feb.-Nov.89 Research Assistant at the Division of Reinforced Concrete at the University of Kassel, Department of Civil Engineering
Dec.89 - July 2008Research Assistant at the Institute of Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kassel
Nov.1993Doctoral Degree
Since August 2008 Professor of Solid Mechanics at the Institute of Applied Mechanics at Clausthal University of Technology


  • Experimental Mechanics
  • Constitutive modeling in the field of elasticity, plasticity, viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity
  • Computation of initial boundary value problems finite elements under considerations of inelastic material behavior of small and finite deformations
  • Identification of material parameters using finite elements
  • Time-adaptive computations using high-order methods
  • Consistent space-time discretisation of coupled problems.


  • Vice-Chairman of the German Committee of Mechanics (DeKoMech)
  • Vice-Chairman of the Fundraising Group "Clausthaler Förderkreis für Angewandte Mechanik"
  • Member of "Clausthaler Zentrum für Materialtechnik" (Clausthal Center for Materials Technology)
  • Member of GAMM (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics)
  • GAMM representative at the TU Clausthal (GAMM-Repräsentant der TU Clausthal)
  • Member of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM)
  • Member of the „Braunschweigisch Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft“ („Academy of Science“)
  • Member of GACM (German Association for Computational Mechanics)
  • Member of SWZ (Simulation Science Center Clausthal/Göttingen)
  • Chairman of the GAMM-expert committee Experimental Solid Mechanics (GAMM-Fachausschuss Experimentelle Festkörpermechanik)

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