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Virtual product development in SMEs - Optimization of centrifugal compressors.

Numerical simulation methods have been proven in many industrial sectors as a valuable tool for product development and optimization. This particularly concerns the structure analysis based on the FEM method. In contrast, the use of numerical methods for simulating fluid flow (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics) is far less widespread and previously reserved primarily for larger companies. The reasons for this are: the use of CFD methods for the solution of industrial problems requires specific expertise and a thorough understanding of the phenomena occurring. In addition, are usually placed much greater demands on computer resources than the use of FEM methods in structural mechanics. Both factors hinder the application, especially in SMEs. Against this background, the present project the following two objectives: The primary objective is the application of numerical methods to optimize the fluid dynamics of compressors and fans, who are currently involved in business development for special applications. In addition, a contribution be made ​​to use these modern technologies in a medium-sized businesses in a sustainable and effective.



Fa. Piller Industrieventilatoren GmbH, Moringen


Andreas Lucius


EU EFRE 2005.193 (2006-2008)


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