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Modeling of multiphase flows with kinetic methods

TitelModellierung von mehrphasigen Strömungen mit kinetischen Methoden
LeitungProf. G. Brenner
BearbeitungDr. Ing. E. Monaco

The prediction of multiphase flows, e.g. The transport of discrete particles or droplets in a fluid is of great importance in many areas of process technology. Particularly in the area of the nanoparticles here also various aspects of multiscale and multi-field problems are combined. Classical approaches are based on the modeling of these phenomena is usually on the consideration of medium size in a large ensemble of particles and on the basis of continuum methods. With the advent of new numerical methods, especially the lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) and the molecular-dynamic method (MD) can today calculations are performed in which the transport of particles and the interaction between particles at the microscopic level (individual particle resolution ) are calculated. The aim of this project is to develop these methods further to more complex phenomena, such as electro-kinetic effects to be able to resolve. The project is currently part of the Simulation Science Center at the Technical University of Clausthal.


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