About us

The Department of Fluid Mechanics since 2003 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. hab. Gunther Brenner conducted. With the re-occupation of this chair a reorientation of research topics has been implemented.

A methodological focus is the numerical simulation of flows (CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics) - a technique in recent years increasingly supplemented the traditional mainstays of fluid mechanics, the theory and experiment. In addition to the further development of simulation techniques, optimization of algorithms for parallel supercomputers, the application of these techniques is to solve engineering problems in the foreground. The second methodological focus is the development and application of advanced laser-based measurement methods in fluid mechanics. Again, the use of powerful computers has become indispensable.

The spectrum of research includes the one hand, various aspects of the classical applications of fluid mechanics, eg of turbulence research or gas dynamics. From a technological point of view, the interest focuses on current machines, as well as on flow processes in the chemical and thermal processes. In addition, there are close collaborations with institutes in the field of materials science.


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