Vibration Theory

A huge number of failure mechanisms in structures are caused by vibrations. Thus, one has to know and, consistently, to exclude the reasons of failure. On the basis of Engineering Mechanics III (Dynamics) single degree of freedom systems (mass-spring-damping elements) are treated. This very simple problem is necessary, because complex structures can sometimes be reduced to basic one-dimensional problems, and, this is more important, multi-degree of freedom systems (MDOF) can be transformed (modal transformation) to equations which require the knowledge of the SDOF-equations. Particularly, the relation of resonance-frequency and the frequency of the external loads must be considered. Various loads (constant, harmonic and periodic – Fourier-series) are treated and investigated.

Periods per week

2 lectures  + 1 exercises  

Final exam

Written exam


Damped and undamped externally excited single degree of freedom
Harmonic and periodic excitation
Effects of friction in oscillating systems
Energy considerations
Damped and undamped multi degree of freedom systems
Modal transformation




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