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Engineering Mechanics II (Strength of Materials)

In the lecture Strength of Materials elastic deformations are assumed, which are caused by external mechanical loads. Beside the uniaxial tension/compression problem, truss structures are studied in view of their deformations and their internal forces. Furthermore, bending and torsion of beams and beam-like structures are treated. These issues are embedded in the three-dimensional stress and strain considerations of deformable bodies, which are one of the most important problems in real applications.

On the basis of this course, a huge number of further lectures follow in engineering studies.


Periods per week

3 lectures + 2 exercises 

Final exam

Homework and written exam


Uniaxial stress and strain state
Truss structures
Three-dimensional stress and strain state
Bending and torsion of beams
Work and energy in elastostatics
Stability of rods


Mechanics II




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