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Engineering Mechanics I (Statics)

Goal of Engineering Mechanics I is to teach the notions of forces and moments, which are acting on rigid bodies (i.e. no deformable bodies are considered). In this context, we are not only interested at concentrated loads. Particularly, volumetric, plane, and line-like distributed loads are studied, in order to estimate the internal load flow and the resulting bearing reactions of a material body. In the first step, we restrict ourselves to problem, where no motion or deformation is assumed. Since distributed loads are related to concepts using resulting forces and moments, notions of center of mass, center of gravity and center of volume (area, line) are investigated as well. Additionally, simple structures made from beams and rods are considered in view of their behavior in equilibrium states. Finally, friction of bodies and ropes are studied in the framework of static and sliding friction.


Periods per week3 lectures + 2 exercises (the exercises are done in small groups (tutorials)
Final examHomework and written exam
ContentIntroduction to vector algebra
Forces and moments
Forces systems
Distributed loads
Statics of Rigid Bodies
Internal forces in bars and beams
Static and sliding friction and friction of ropes
ModulMechanics I

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