Seminarvortrag von Professor Ghosh am 21.01.2016

Professor Pijush Ghosh (Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India) hält am 21.01.2016, 14:00, R 321 Hauptgebäude der TU Clausthal, den Vortrag:


Swelling Based Self-Folding of Chitosan Bio-polymer


Inspired by the nature made smart material, a new generation of biomimetic material that can be used in various fields of science and technology are actively explored. Few examples of nature based smart phenomenon include the opening and closing of pine scales due to change in humidity, mechanosensors for the functioning of Venus' Flytrap, folding and curling of leaves due to turgor pressure, the photoreceptors in plants guiding their movements, etc. The soft bio polymeric materials and hydrogels are looked upon as potential futuristic smart materials. Trigger based self-folding is one of the important characteristics of these smart bio-polymers. We will discuss about the self-folding behavior of one such bio-polymer (Chitosan) due to swelling. The molecular mechanisms involved and the fundamental models that can be applied to understand such phenomenon will be discussed.

Nachrichtenalter: 20.12.2015 15:00


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